Gifts gifts gifts! It does not have to be a stressful thing, but a beneficial thing. A fun thing! Expecting Mama’s have so much going on and when baby arrives, their hands are as full as their hearts. So what to get this Mama? New Mama or pro Mama, don’t be stumped for ideas. Many of the gifts are dedicated to new baby. And boy oh boy does such a little babe need so much. And most of the items are purchased before baby arrives. So let’s get started with gift ideas that are directed more towards Mama. Happy Mama = Happy Baby.

  1. Cleaning Lady:  It’s hard to find time to even shower, so gifting a booked cleaning is a great idea. It’s not just a physical clean up of the house but a big mental one too. Really this is a beautiful gift for any home owner, but as a new Mom there’s nothing like this one.

2. Diapers & Wipes: You can’t have enough of these two. Don’t get me wrong, baby clothes are adorable. But once you start shopping for others the size isn’t always bang on, styles and really the baby only has a few months to wear it at the most. They grow out of EVERYTHING! But diapers? Nah, they wear those for years.

3. Dinner (or gift card to eat in): No donuts/sugar please, we feel big enuff as is! I’m not talking about a temporary sugar rush, I’m talking a healthful feel good meal. Taking care of a household and a new baby will totally fill one’s plate. And junk food is an easier quick grab that a healthy meal. When you’ve had a really busy day and are extra sleep deprived and planning dinner, you can’t help but smile knowing you have a gift card to take care of the night.

4. Amazon gift card: If you’re a homebody like me, your best friend is Amazon. And take no shame in that, they are always there for you, bring you anything you like in 24 hours (Prime!) and love browsing with you. They even remember your fav items for later. All from the convenience of your own home. And if you don’t want to pack up the kids and shop, nothing like online shopping. It’s a beautiful gift and you feel you can splurge extra when it’s a present.

5. Shop Local: I’m a BIG fan of supporting local. With all the new modern trends out there, local companies are on top of it all. From custom blankets with names sewn in, hand stitched booties, unique onesies, the list goes on. Local soaps and lotions to sooth the beauty scars, there is so much. A gift like this is really benefiting both parties; New Mama and company owner. It often turns into a beautiful unique gift that is a keepsake for years to come.

6. Time: The gift of time is precious for any occasion, and a new Mom will value it even more. Offer your time, an hour to snuggle baby and give Mama a rest. Or an hour to make coffee and socialize. Or an hour so Mama can shower and utilize some alone time. This gift may be free, but do not underestimate it’s value. Remember that time…

7. PhotoShoots: are very common. We love taking pictures with our newborns. Memories we can frame and treasure forever. I was gifted this with my third and I still have the framed picture above my bed. Every time I look at it I smile and remember what a beautiful gift.

8. Play Date: I don’t need to say anything more! Text your girlfriend that just had her babe and tell her your picking up her kids for a play date. That’s probably the best text message you’ll ever read and the best thing you’ll ever do. Pack them up and send them for the day while you enjoy some quiet time with new baby.

9. Books: As much as you don’t think you’ll have downtime, reading will be very valuable during this time. Keeps your busy mind tamed and allows you to get lost in a whole new world. There’s great Mama books out there, many written by Mama’s too which ties in perfectly. One of my favorites is listed below, comes from a Boss Mama friend of mine:


10. And last but not least, an Open Ear. A support system is vital in times like this. Gifts are a beautiful thing, but sometimes the $0 ones go the furthest. How do you offer an open ear? Remember those adorable coupon books our kids made for us at school? A cute little gesture like that goes a long way. Fill the coupon book with some coupons titled ‘1 vent session’ ‘1 wine nite’ and anything Mama would appreciate. This is more of a sentimental gift, my kids made it for me for Mother’s Day one year and each coupon was used with great quality time behind it. As adults my siblings and I gifted this to my Mom with dinner dates and movies and she absolutely loved it.

And that sums up the top 10 gifts! Parenthood is a beautiful thing, and anything to compliment even more is appreciated. We are raising the kids of the future and the more help the better. It takes a village, and a full happy heart to do this. Since we’re lucky to be doing it, celebrate the new Mama’s in your life the best way you know how.