Summer is full of cold treats, refreshing drinks, and all accompanied with an ample amount of sugar. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sugar free Mama – the kids get their share of treats. But come summer, I find them asking for ice-cream daily. So we made some Nice Cream 🙂 It’s good enough for a cold treat, and healthy enough for breakfast. I call this a win-win!

You know when you have REALLY ripe bananas hanging around, your immediate thought is banana bread? Well, we’re going to change that to Banana Nice Cream. Next time you have a few you’re wanting to rid, peel them, bag em and freeze em. When this recipe calls, use em!


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  1. Peel 3-5 ripe bananas. Place them in a ziplock and freeze them preferably over night otherwise a few hours will work.
  2. Place frozen bananas in Vitamix blender. Add 2 cups frozen cherries, or any favorite frozen berry.
  3. Add Coconut milk and vanilla and blend.
  4. Depending on consistency desired, feel free to add a little more milk.
  5. Once done, spatula out into pan and freeze additional half hour. It should scoop right out when ready.
  6. Top with sliced almonds and enjoy!




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