LOVE this! This is my favourite salad. Traditional, Middle eastern classic Fatoush Salad. It had literally every vegetable and tastes absolutely delicious. The dressing is a mix of olive oil and spices, so no extra calories & ‘stuff’ with the store bought dressings. Anyway I’ll stop talking so you can start chopping! Enjoy…


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  1. CHOP! There’s many ingredients here, so wash them all and chop ’em up! (TIP: I usually use circular shapes for everything to keep it consistent).
  2. Chopping onions: This is completely up to you! I keep the pieces long and thin which makes for an easier chopping style.
  3. Add all the veggies and greens to a bowl. The dressing does not need to be mixed separately. Mix them all up!
  4. Add the zatar and sumac. Mix well.
  5. Add the liquid ingredients (olive oil, lemon juice, molasses). Mix well so all the flavours and spices are incorporated.
  6. Top with toasted pita chips (store bought are just fine, instructions for homemade ones are below!). Serve and enjoy!

Just writing about this salad is making my mouth water! It is SO good! I want some…

TIP: Use lettuce with some colours – some purple adds a beautiful colour to the bowl!

Making Your Own Pita Chips:


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  1. Grab a loaf of pita bread and drizzle some olive oil and zatar on it.
  2. Toast it in the oven! (for maybe 7 minutes – it doesn’t need much)
  3. Once it’s done, crush it on top of the finished salad!

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