I’m all about the Chickpea (obvi!). It’s my fav bean, it’s a staple in my home. But we don’t just use it in hummus and savoury dishes, but sweet dishes too. As long as you compliment it with the right ingredients Chickpeas can make you fabulous dishes. And that’s why I am in love with this Chickpea Cookie Dough. No added sugars, just natural ingredients leaving you digging for more and more spoonfuls. Love this, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Notes: To keep it vegan use any nut milk of your choice. They all work great, my favorite was almond milk.

We used peanut butter as our nut butter, which makes the overall dish a full out peanut butter flavor. Any nut butter works best, I love almond butter as well. Tahini also works really well. And finally for additional sweetness add more dates.


PS: Before serving, don’t tell them it’s healthy! Each time I serve it they are incredibly surprised when I tell them it is a sugar free Chickpea base, that’s how good it is. Tag me if you’re making it @mothermayibake


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  1. Rinse and drain your chickpeas. Add them to your Vitamix.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend on high for 2-3 minutes.
  3. If you’d like the consistency more runny, add more milk now. You’re looking for a thicker consistency, similar to cookie dough. If it is too thick mix it with a spoon and blend some more.
  4. Scrape out using a spatula. Garnish with additional oatmeal and chocolate chips and serve!
  5. Store in refrigerator covered for longest life.


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