Halloumi Cheese; If you haven’t heard of it this is a must! Traditionally it’s one of the most popular cheeses (outside of North America). It’s often served on the beaches of Beirut and complimented with fresh watermelon. So we took a spin on it and bring you some mouth-watering skewers with this simple recipe.
Note: You will not find exact measurements for the ingredients because depending on the cheese size packing you find and watermelon, also how much you are making. However the guidelines will replicate the picture.

  • Slice up the Halloumi cheese (about 250g). Thick triangle or square shapes work best to fit the skewer
  • Sprinkle some salt on them and grill them for just a couple minutes on the BBQ (making sure to flip them). You don’t want to grill cheese too long otherwise they will melt. You’re wanting just to toast them
  • Once cooled, stack your skewer with a watermelon/cheese pattern. Sprinkle some salt, fresh lime juice and dried mint over the finished skewers and serve!
  • It’s a beautiful and refreshing dish for any and every BBQ this Summer! Sometimes it’s the simplest dishes that give you such a burst of flavor.

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