Hummuccine. Combo of hummus and fettuccine? And vegan? YES YES and more YES! This is an Epic Eat indeed. I have to give Hummus the credit here, such a versatile, delicious dish. Who knew we could use it as a pasta base. Making it a much healthier alternative to your original Alfredo sauce. And ohhh all the flavors! As you know I have a line of hummus dips. The Spicy one would be delicious here. I have yet to try the others, but I’ll stop talking and give you the best dish I’ve ever made. Here it goes…


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  1. We’re going to start with the pasta. Fill a large pot with water. Add some salt. Bring to boil and add your pasta. I used Capellini, a thinner spaghetti noodle. Any pasta works here. Check the time on the box for how long to boil.
  2. Next, bring out your favorite cooking pan. Use your favorite one because this is the best dish you’ll ever make.
  3. On medium heat, heat up the oil. Avoid butter to keep it vegan, otherwise don’t be shy.
  4. Add one cup fresh spinach to the hot pan. Mix for about 30 seconds, then add the mushrooms.
  5. Allow to simmer for a minute or two until the spinach turns a darker green. Add the spices.
  6. Salt, pepper, basil and oregano. You don’t need garlic, as the hummus brings the fresh garlic flavor.
  7. Turn off the heat, but keep pan on stove. Add the MotherMayiBake Hummus and pasta water. You’re 2 minutes away from a completed dish.
  8. Add your pasta (removing hot from the boiling water with tongs). Mix well until your dish comes together as a perfectly incorporated white sauce pasta. You’ll know when it’s ready as soon as it looks irresistible to eat.
  9. Pour into serving bowl. Garnish with anything you like. And enjoy <3 If you’re making this, please tag me! I’d love to see. Happy eating!

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